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Dr Robert Verkerk PhD

Founder, executive and scientific director, ANH International
Scientific Director, ANH-USA
Scientific & Regulatory Director, ANH Consultancy Ltd
Scientific Director, Bite the Sun Ltd
Fellow of the American College of Nutrition

Dr Rob Verkerk PhD is an internationally acclaimed and distinguished scientist with three decades of experience at the cutting edge of sustainability issues facing both food production and healthcare.
During the course of his career, Dr Verkerk has developed an intimate relationship with the tightropes that span between science and law, between academia and industry, between government and the people—and not least — between humanity’s internal and external environments.

His academic achievements include the award of three science degrees, including Masters (with distinction) and Doctoral degrees from Imperial College London (the latter achieved in just 2 years), where he also continued as post-doctoral Research Fellow for a further seven years.

On recognising, on one hand, the potential for natural, non-drug-based approaches to healthcare and, on the other hand, the challenges facing mass-scale adoption not least as a result of regulatory pressures, Dr Verkerk founded the Alliance for Natural Health in 2002. The non-governmental organisation rapidly drew together strategic interests, from healthcare professionals, other scientists to companies and consumers, and has since established itself as probably the leading organisation of its type worldwide helping to re-establish and further develop our fundamental right to natural healthcare.

As a result of his lifelong mission to help others achieve their maximum and innate potential, Dr Verkerk has remained at the leading edge of innovation in the natural health sector. He has also worked tirelessly to remove unnecessary shackles that might detract from our innate right to coexist with our natural environment in ways that allow us to experience healthful lives to their full potential.

Among Dr Verkerk’s most notable accomplishments have been the initiation of legal challenges against over zealous governments, educating the public, health professionals and elected representatives on critical issues affecting health and wellbeing, repeated defence of the public right of access to natural healthcare, and the reframing of the scientific basis by which risks and benefits of natural modalities in healthcare are assessed.

The ANH-Intl presently has regional offices in both the UK ( and USA (, as well as affiliate organisations in New Zealand and Norway. It collaborates with integrative medicine practitioner organisations around the world.

As a director of ANH-Intl’s sister organisation, ANH Consultancy Ltd, Dr Verkerk has developed, formulated and re-formulated natural health products for a wide range of businesses based in the USA, Europe and in other parts of the world. He also has facilitated the entry of products from a diverse range of companies into the complex EU marketplace, while also defending the right to continue sale of products provisionally classified as unlicensed drugs or unauthorised novel foods by European regulatory authorities.

Dr Verkerk is also scientific director of the ANH’s consumer empowerment arm, Bite the Sun ( The organisation, through its interactive interface and website, helps individuals in all parts of the world to take responsibility for their health and enhance their health and wellbeing.

Dr Verkerk has authored some 60 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings and contributes regularly to magazines and other popular media. He is an accomplished and inspirational speaker and communicator on a wide range of issues relating to sustainability in healthcare, food production and related fields.